Portrait of a Friend



While performing, Jake focuses on percussion and drums, and occassionally moonlights on Guitar and Ukulele. When he is off the stage, he is focused in the studio with Sunny, producing and composing. His talents literally grace every piece of music The Black Pack puts out or performs. His deep understanding of rhythm and time are perfectly paired with Sunny's melodic geniuses to allow for the most incredible finished products.


Lead Vocalist/Ukulele/Piano/Executive Producer

A world class pianist, producer and vocalist, Sunny takes the reigns of The Black Pack and pushes the team to their utmost potential. His signature sound is described as an "improvisational, melodic and harmonious mashup of folk, jazz, funk, blues, and hip hop." His unique scatting and monster jazz voicings keep his sound fresh and truly set him apart from other would-be artists. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, he harnesses his past experiences to curate, compose and create the most incredible music he can.


Lead Guitarist/Producer

At 23 years old, Alex Rein has already established himself as one of the top guitar players in the Bay Area. And whilst being a member of Sunny and The Black Pack, Alex has honed his production skills and is now an in demand music producer. His production work has allowed him to represent The Black Pack on national stages, opening up for artists like Joyner Lucas, Ice Cube, Meek Mill, Post Malone and Nicki Minaj. The sky is the limit for this young artist and his contribution to the local and national music scene is just now being defined.

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Bass/Moog/Electronic Keyboard

Eric Low has always had a tremendous passion for music. Over the years, his passion has led him down many different musical directions from EDM production to acoustic songwriting and presently as the bassist for Sunny and The Black Pack. With each member of the band bringing their own musical tastes and experiences, Eric's in depth knowledge of electronic music helps round out the sound of Sunny and The Black Pack.


2nd Guitarist

Jo Stockley, AKA Papa Jo, brings over 40 years of musical experience to Sunny and The Black Pack. A master of the blues, Jo's tasteful guitar phrasing and gritty tone are a perfect compliment to the rhythm section of The Black Pack. He is also one of the biggest musical influences to his son, Black Pack drummer Jake Stockley.


Guest Vocalist/3rd Guitarist

Multi-Instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, producer and performer, Tammy has been one of the most talented individuals to join forces with The Black Pack. While scheduling and location don't allow her to perform on a regular basis with the band, she has been known to grace the live shows when opportunity allows. She is true family and will always be a part of The Black Pack.



1st Back Up Vocalist

Danielle Lim was the first backup vocalist to join Sunny and The Black Pack. Though she had been singing since she was a child, this was her first experience with a professional band. What she lacked in experience, she more then made up for in her passion for music. Having a deep appreciation for musicals and indie pop, Danielle developed a knack for lyricism and unforgettable melodies.

With Sunny’s guidance and tutelage, Danielle has blossomed into a tremendous talent both professionally and personally. She’s hitting her stride and will be releasing music of her own sometime in the near future, so stay tuned!


2nd Backup Vocalist

Kristen Pierce has a fantastically forward and powerful voice that is sure to grab your attention.  She started out performing duets with the band as a featured guest singer, and shortly afterwards, was asked to be a permanent member of the band. Kristen is still performing duets with Sunny, but now also holds a pivotal role as part of the back up vocalists. 

Besides being a gifted singer and musician, Kristen also has experience as an actress/comedian who has worked on a number of independent web series and short films. 


3rd Back Up Vocalist

As an aspiring singer-songwriter and producer, Maggie Carpenter joined Sunny and The Black Pack as a backup vocalist to gain experience and specifically learn from Sunny. Her soulful and powerful voice is reminiscent of 60’s rock’n’roll and brings a complementary singing style to the backup vocalists.

When she's not on the stage, Margaret is also the Black Pack's official photographer and an extraordinary artist. Whether it's music, photography, or art, Margaret is poised to make a huge impact in the creative scene of the Bay Area.